Learning Telugu the easy way

Learning means to build connections – bridges between the new thing you just discovered and something you already know. This is how our brain works. It builds connections.

Have you ever wondered why children learn a new language so easily when they come to a foreign country, while we grown-ups usually struggle with that for years?

Did you notice that these children never run around with long lists of vocabulary, eyes closed, reciting these words?

How do they do that?

Where to start

  1. Have a look at the how to learn section and see if you like that approach.

  2. Make a plan on what you want to achieve in which time frame. For example: 30-45 minutes of actively learning per day for 8 month will allow you to understand the first 1000 words and to read/write the alphabet.

How to learn?

Before we dive into the subject of learning Telugu let us briefly look at the basic principles behind learning any new language. What makes it simple and successful? What did work so far? What did not?

First steps of learning Telugu

Welcome to our first Telugu tutorial guiding you step by step through learning the language in a simple and easy way. In this tutorial you will:

  • learn your first 100 words of Telugu,
  • get a feeling of how the method works and
  • get a first impression of the Telugu alphabet

Introduction to the alphabet

Welcome to this introduction to the Telugu alphabet. This is the first chapter in a series of three to introduce you to the way Telugu is written. In this article we will take a sentence you are already familiar with if you followed the first steps tutorial. We will walk through each letter of this sentence and see how the symbols are used.

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