Let us speak in Telugu

Let us speak in Telugu

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Dear Tom,

Your site is great, you put a lot of work in this...

Unfortunately I am having trouble with a lot of downloads, lesson 1-4 i was able to download but lesson 5 onwards i am having trouble, could you please look into this...

Also under: "Lets speak telugu" i cannot download the link for each chapter, which i am sorry about because it is a very good section.

And the third thing: I love the Birkenbiehl method, i learn a lot through hearing. I still would like to learn a lot of vocabulary and would really appreciate if there could be a vocabulary section with around 2000-5000 words and an audio with it, each word spoken in telugu and the english meaning. That would be great. I let these tapes run through the day and it really helps a lot!

Again thank you for all your work and looking forward for the changes...


Dear parvati,

if there are no download links under certain lessons, then simply because these documents are not ready by now. Please remember, this is a private effort and I do my best to continue with this work. If you want to help, you are welcome.

CP Brown Academy is supporting this website with some free material. However, not all is for free. The Academy is offering the complete course for a reasonable price. You can order directly on their website (see Grammar section, search for "Telugu Learning Kit I: 8 books with CD").

According the vocabulary section: Just do what ever you feel drawn to. If you like to learn vocabulary - just go ahead. I personally think, it is NOT necessary. If you really follow the method described here, you will learn more vocabulary, in context, with a much better understanding, then learning the words separately. However, we are all different - we all have our preferences for learning. So if you feel drawn to learn in a certain way, just go ahead.

Have fun!

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