Sri Sai Satcharitra - English



Adapted from the original Marathi Book
By Govind Raghunath Dabholkar alias 'Hemadpant'
In English By
NAGESH VASUDEV GUNAJI, B.A., LLB. 227, Thalakwadi, Belgaum



Published by:
Shri Sai Baba Sansthan, Shirdi
'Sai Niketan', 804-B, Dr. Ambedkar Road,
Dadar, Mumbai - 400 014
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"Whosoever offers to Me, with love or devotion, a leaf, a flower, a fruit or water, that offering of love of the pure and self-controlled man is willingly and readily accepted by Me."

— Lord Shri Krishna
in Bhagwad Gita, IX-26

This work with myself




Life of Shri N.V. Gunaji (1876-1963)

Shri N.V. Gunaji was an eminent scholar who wrote over twenty eight books on various people and issues. He was avidly interested in the spiritual teachings of Sai Baba, Sri Ramana Maharshi and Sri Ramkrishna Paramhansa. He wrote and translated the Bhagwad Gita, the Bhagwat, etc. He has written the life of Sri Paramhans Ramakrishna as well as that of Sri Ramana Maharshi in Marathi and several books on the teaching of Swami Ramtirth. He also translated Booker T. Washington's biography which he called "Atmoddhar".

Born in Belgaum in July 1873 in a Saraswat Brahmin family he did his school education in Belgaum, in Sardar High School and later graduated from Mumbai's Wilson College. He studied in the Government Law College in Mumbai and passed his LLB examination. Soon after, he returned to Belgaum to take up the practice of law. After practising law for several years Shri N.V. Gunaji also joined the Belgaum Municipality as Chief Executive Officer. Throughout his life he was an avid reader and translated several books in English or Marathi. Shri Gunaji was also keenly interested in naturopathy and published two books on "Scientific and Efficient Breathing" and "Anti T.B. & Anti Heart Failure". He would treat patients through naturopathy and scientific massage. He also had the good fortune of treating Mahatma Gandhi by his scientific massage techniques when Gandhiji visited Belgaum several times. Shri Gunaji also treated Sri Ramana Maharshi when he visited the spiritual leader in Arunachalam.

Shri N.V. Gunaji adapted and translated Shri Hemand Pant Dabholkar's "Sri Sai Satcharita" into English and donated the entire proceeds to the Sai Sansthan Trust. The book has reached out to thousands of devotees and people over the last forty five years who have read it and have had their faith and Shraddha in Baba reinforced. Many devotees use this book to read it as a 'Saptah'. Shri N.V. Gunaji passed away in 1963, a few months before his ninetieth year.





  1. The wondrous Saint grinding wheat - Obeisances - The story of grinding wheat and its philosophical significance
  2. Object of writing the work - Incapacity and boldness in the undertaking - Hot discussion - Conferring significant and prophetic title of 'Hemadpant' - Necessity of a Guru
  3. Sai Baba's sanction and promise - Assignment of work to the devotees - Baba's stories as beacon-light - His motherly love - Rohila's story - His sweet and nectar like words
  4. Mission of the saints - Shirdi a Holy Tirth - Personality of Sai Baba - Dictum of Goulibua - Appearance of Vitthal -Kshirsagar's story - Das Ganu's bath in Prayag -Immaculate conception of Sai Baba and His first advent in Shirdi - Three Wadas
  5. Baba's return with Chand Patil's marriage party -Welcomed and addressed as "Sai" - Contact with other saints -- His attire and daily routine - The story of the Padukas - Wrestling bout with Mohiddin and change in life - Turning water into oil - The Pseudo-Guru Javhar All
  6. Efficacy of the touch of the Guru's hand - Ram Navami Festival - Its origin, transformation etc. - Repairs to the Masjid.
  7. Wonderful Incarnation - Behaviour of Sai Baba - His vogic practices - His all-pervasiveness and mercy - Leper devotee's service - Master Khaparde's plague case - Going to Pandharpur
  8. Importance of human birth - Sai Baba begging food -Baijabai's service - Sai Baba's dormitory - His affection for Khushalchand
  9. Effect of compliance and non-compliance with Baba's orders at the time of taking leave - A few instances -Mendicancy and its necessity - Devotees' (Tarkhad family's) experiences - Baba fed sumptuously
  10. Sai Baba's mode of life - His sleeping plank - His stay in Shirdi - His teachings - His humility - Nanavali The easiest path
  11. Sai as Sagun Brahma - Dr. Pandit's worship - Haji Siddik Falke - Control over the elements
  12. Sai Leelas - Experiences of (1) Kaka Mahajani (2) Dhumal Pleader (3) Mrs. Nimonkar (4) Mule Shastri (5) A Doctor
  13. More Sai Leelas - Diseases cured (1) Bhimaji Patil (2) Bala Shimpi (3) Bapusaheb Buti (4) Alandi Swami (5) Kaka Mahajani (6) Dattopant of Harda
  14. Ratanji Wadia of Nanded - Saint Moulisaheb - Dakshina mimansa
  15. Naradiya Kirtan Paddhati - Mr. Cholkar's Sugarless tea -Two Lizards
  16. - 17. Quick Brahma Gnyan
  17. - 19. How Hemadpant was accepted and blessed - Stories of Mr. Sathe and Mrs. Deshmukh - Encouraging good thoughts to fruition - Variety in Upadesh - Teachings regarding slander and remuneration for labour
  18. Das Ganu's problem solved by Kaka's maid-servant
  19. Stories of (1) V.H. Thakur (2) Anantrao Patankar and (3) Pandharpur pleader
  20. Rescues from serpent-bites (1) Balasahcb Mirikar (2) Bapusaheb Buti (3) Amir Shakkar (4) Hemadpant - Baba's opinion regarding killing of serpents ...
  21. Yoga and onion - Shama cured of snake-bite - Cholera ordinances broken - Ordeal of Guru-bhakti
  22. Baba's wit and humour - Chana Leela - (1) Hemadpant (2) Sudama (3) Anna Chinchanikar vs. Maushibai
  23. Damu Anna Kasar of Ahmednagar (1) Speculations (2) Amraleela
  24. Stories of (1) Bhakta Pant (2) Harishchandra Pitale (3) Gopal Ambadekar
  25. Favour shown by giving Bhagwat and Vishnu Sahastranaam - Dixit's Vitthal vision - Geeta-Rahasya -Khapardes
  26. Sparrows drawn to Shirdi (1) Lakhshmichand (2) Burhanpore lady (3) Megha
  27. Stories of (1) Chennai's Bhajani Mela (2) Tendulkars (father and son) (3) Dr. Captain Hate (4) Waman Narvekar
  28. Drawn to Shirdi (1) Kakaji Vaidya of Vani (2) Ramlal Punjabi of Mumbai
  29. The passing away in Baba's presence of (1) Sanyaasi Vijayanand (2) Balaram Mankar (3) Noolkar (4) Megha (5) Tiger
  30. In quest of Guru and God - Fasting disapproved
  31. Greatness of Udi - Scorpion-sting and plague cases cured - Jamner miracle - Narayan Rao's sickness - Balabua Sutar - Appasaheb Kulkarni - Haribhau Karnik
  32. Greatness of Udi (continued) - Doctor's nephew - Dr. Pilley - Shama's sister-in-law - Irani girl - Harda gentlemen -Mumbai lady
  33. Tested and found not wanting - Kaka Mahajani's friend and master - Bandra insomnia case - Bala Patil Newaskar
  34. Wonderful stories of (1) Two Goa gentlemen (2) Mrs. Aurangabadkar
  35. Chavadi procession
  36. Baba's Handi - Disrespect of shrine - Cup of butter milk
  37. Baba's knowledge of Sanskrit - His interpretation of a verse from Gita - Construction of the Samadhi Mandir
  38. Stones of Baba (1) Attending Mrs. Dev's Udyapan ceremony as Sanyaasi with two others (2) Hemadpant's house in the form of His picture
  39. Story of the picture - Stealing the rags and reading of Dnyaneshwari
  40. Baba's passing away - Previous indication - Averting death of Ramchandra Dada Patil and Tatya Kote Patil - Charity of Laxmibai Shinde - Last moment
  41. - 44. Baba's passing away (continued) - preparation - Samadhi Mandir - Breaking of the brick - 72 hours' Samadhi - Jog's Sanyaas - Baba's nectar-like words
  42. Kakasaheb's doubt and Anandrao's vision - Wooden plank - Baba's bed-stead and not Bhagat's
  43. Baba's Gaya trip - Story of the two goats
  44. Baba's reminiscences - Story of Veerbhadrappa and Chenbasappa (snake and frog)
  45. Warding off devotee's calamities - Stories of (1) Mr. Shevade (2) Sapatnekar
  46. Stories of (1) Hari Kanoba (2) Soniadev Swami (3) Nanasaheb Chandorkar
  47. Stories of (1) Kakasaheb Dixit (2) Shri Tembe Swami (3) Balaram Dhurandhar
  49. ARTI