Something new

Want to try something new? Look at this:

Lalita invited us to the wedding

Here is how it sounds:

This example is taken from the book Vakyanirmanam, the 3rd module of the Telugu Learning Kit published by the CP Brown Academy.

For our example do the following:

  1. Listen to the Telugu sound while at the same time following the English translation with your eyes. Try to be as imaginative as possible. Imagine your friend coming into the room, excited, calling out to you the latest news. Imagine a wedding scene, the people, the dress of the bride, all that. This is to give you a real-time connection between the Telugu sound and the meaning of it.

  2. Do this until you no longer need to follow the English words and still understand every word you hear in Telugu. You are done with this when you can close your eyes and listen to the sound, knowing what the words mean without any translation.

Please, take your time to really complete these two steps before you read on. It gives all the rest of this article a whole other meaning. There is a big difference between reading a theoretical concept or having a vivid and fresh experience of the way it works.

Done with it? Good. Read on...