Sri Shirdi Sai Baba Mahatyam

Sri Shirdi Sai Baba Mahatyam

The story is about Shirid Sai Baba, how he came to Shiridi, and when people didi not believe him in the beginning. They step by step changed their mind as Sai Baba cured the people’s diseases and showed some miracles. The movie is full with Sai Baba's teachings and his love towards people.

Cast: Vijayachander, Chandramohan, Anjali Devi, Somayajulu J.V. and others.
Director: K. Vasu
Language: Telugu


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Sai Ramji!

Shirdi Sai Dwaraka Maayi, Prashanti vasi saairam :)
Today is Thursday, that is set by Swamiji (while still at Shirdi) as Guru-day.
Let us practice bhajan and read His stories!
And Telugu is a wonderful language that He Himself has blessed.