Step 2: the consonant-vowel combinations

Welcome to the second step of learning the Telugu alphabet: the consonant-vowel combinations. This is the biggest step in learning the alphabet. But once you are done with that, the last step will be pretty straight forward.


There are two requirements for this step:

  1. to know the primary forms of step 1
  2. to have finished the first steps tutorial

Please make sure you know the primary forms of step 1 fairly well before moving on. If you still have troubles with recognizing a certain primary form, you will probably get confused and frustrated by this step. This is not necessary. You are still on the fastest track if you take a simple step-by-step approach. You can check if you are done with step 1 by using the flashcards: if you can easily recognize all the primary forms you are well prepared.

The second requirement is to make sure that you have a good working knowledge of the sound of Telugu before proceeding here. All of the sound examples, the read exercises, and the fill-in exercises are taken from the first steps tutorial. The glue of learning the alphabet in an easy way is to hear the appropriate sound in your ear while learning a certain letter. So I highly recommend that you first finish that tutorial as well.

All right. Ready to go on? Here are the...


The consonant-vowel combinations

As you already know from the introduction there is a basic scheme how the consonant-vowel combinations are formed:


consonant + vowel = combined letter


k + A = kA


Below is the list of all consonant-vowel combinations from the introduction again. As mentioned before, most of the combinations follow the basic scheme from above, but there are some exceptions. And these exceptions demand a little more attention.


consonant vowel combinations

We will learn these consonant-vowel combinations in four sets. The first set contains all the consonants that strictly follow the basic scheme without any exceptions. The other three sets are all with exceptions, grouped together by similar shape. The trick is to learn the letters that might be confused in the same set. This helps to recognize the differences in the easiest and simplest way.

consonant vowel sets

Set 1 is the biggest in number, but it is also the easiest to remember since all the combinations follow the basic scheme without exception. Set 2 has just one letter. Set 3 and Set 4 will require the most time to learn.

Again, please remember to make up stories for each form you want to remember. This is an important key to learning these sets easily. You probably have some stories for the single letters. Now as you combine the letters, try to find new stories by connecting the images or stories of the single letters. The more fun the story the easier you will remember.



There is a workbook for practicing the shapes. It contains all letters for all sets.

consonant + vowel = combined letter

Please print this workbook double-sided. This provides you with the opportunity to do the first exercise on the left side and the other exercise on the right side while you can still see the corresponding exercise on the left.



Another important key for successfully learning the Telugu alphabet is to get writing and/or reading complete words as soon as possible. This gives you the direct connection between the original sound and the corresponding symbols - and this is what we are finally after. So each learning set comes with several exercises that you are already familiar with from the first-steps tutorial.

The exercises build on one the previous steps, so exercises found in set 2 also contain letters from set 1 and so on. At the end of set 4 you will be able to read and write all consonant-vowel combinations.

OK, let's begin. Here is set 1...


Consonant Vowel Combinations - Chart.pdf86.73 KB
Consonant Vowel Combinations - Workbook.pdf5.18 MB


how to learn

It feels as if somebody is along with us and guiding to learn the language it is great! a live feeling of learning.