First steps: week 2

Dear readers,

welcome to week 2 of our tutorial. I hope you found the time to read through the description of the Birkenbihl Approach and experiment with the four sentences as suggested in the last issue.

For those of you who are completely new to the language the sound might still be very foreign by now. Please take your time. Take just one sentence in the beginning (not all four) and listen to that single sentence again and again, say 20 or 40 times. Then stop the player, close your eyes and try to associate the meaning for each word. Like this: "ahaa, the first word is … - it means … - and the second word is..... - it means....".

Then take a break. Put it away for a while.

The next day, when you come back, listen to that sentence again. Does it sound more familiar? Do you get a feeling of "I know this somehow"? If not, repeat the sequence from above: Listen to that single sentence several times - stop the player - hear the ring of that sound going on in your mind - try to remember the meaning of each word.

Then again take a break, do something else. That is important, otherwise you will wipe out that what you just have learned with the new (called "overlearning").

For those of you who already had some experiences with Telugu before and are eager to go on, here are the next 8 sentences:

Please go over these exercises in the same way as the last four: active listening, then passive listening.

Good luck and hope you have fun!