First steps: week 3

Hello my dear fellow students and welcome to this 3rd issue of our tutorial. I hope this finds you well.

If you have followed me up to this point and competed the first 12 exercises you are now able to understand the first 19 words of Telugu! This is about 20% of our journey to the first 100 words. Congratulations!!!

Was that hard work? Not really, hmm... :-)

OK. Let me tell you the number one secret to learning the Telugu (any language for that matter, if you use this method). It is:

Step 3: passive listening

Once you understand the sentences as you hear them consciously you can proceed to step 3, the passive listening. Turn the volume very low, so that you can barely hear the sound, and go on doing what ever you are doing, not listening to the Telugu. Every hour spent in this step 3 really enforces your feeling for the language. This goes directly to your subconscious mind. No matter if you learn Telugu because you want to visit friends, have a better feeling for some mantras or because you can not wait to read some palm leave books – once you have this feeling for the language the words will come naturally the moments you need them. No need for any conscious effort. It is just that simple. I am not joking. Every hour spent listening passively is like reinforcing the base for your understanding.

So I hope you find some time in the following week to passively listen to what you have just learned this past weeks. Here comes the new stuff:

cu next week and hope you have fun!