First steps: week 8

Dear all,

welcome to the 8th issue of our tutorial. Hope you had a good time and enjoyed listening to the recordings these last days. This week we will start with the alphabet. I have prepared an introduction for you and I hope you will like it. Here it is:

OK. Let us play with these characters a little bit. Go to the Telugu typewriter and type the following word in the upper box:


You can type it, copy/past it from here or use the buttons below the input field to type these characters. At the end you should see these Telugu letters in the lower box:


Did it work? In case you have troubles, please send me a .

Now go to the typewriter again play with adding and removing some of the letters. See how the Telugu characters are removed and formed.

Next, try to type this:

ataḍu rāmuḍu

Compare the result with the sentence in exercise 1 you probably know very well by now. Does it match? If not, where are the little mistakes?

Here is another example. Type this:

ya ma tā rā ja bā na sa la gaṃ

Do you like hat? Sounds familiar, right?

Now try to type your first name. How does it look like?

OK, I think you got the idea of how this works. This is enough for this week. There is no other assignment today then just playing with your new knowledge.

Please continue to listen to the exercises as much as you can. In case you have fallen behind schedule a little bit, try to reserve a fixed time-span for learning each day. This will probably bring you up to speed soon.

Have fun!

PS.: Here are the answers from last week:
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